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Rekoms fills up the nightlife with cool venues that have themes from afterski and cocktail bars, to great pubs and wild nightclubs.

They run unique concepts  on their venues, where they have thought of every details to make the right atmosphere.

ZO24 produce the staff’s workwear special designed for each venue. We have created a webshop special for Rekoms needs, where the venue manager can order all products.

Every venue have their own login and personal products ready to order. If they need some extra products, they can send us a request, then we will design it and uploade it on the webshop ready to order.

ZO24 stores most of the products in our warehouse in Herning, and ship the products directy to the venues.

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    Rekom Group
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    Web solution to place orders and production of clothing ect.
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Custom developed for Rekom

Online Ordering System

Every venue has its own login and custom made products

This make it easy to order workwear for the staff when needed.

Besides the custom made products for each venue, we have some “Rekom Group” products that all venues can order. This includes for example pens, signs, hoodies ect.

Order new products

If a venue has a request for a new item, then they have the opportunity to send us a request.

Then we will design the item and uploade it on the website, ready to order.

Products on the webshop are stored in ZO24’s own warehouse. 

Ready to ship.


Staff Clothing

Lots of venues
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B2B Webshop

A personalised webshop

B2B Webshop

A personolized webshop


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