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Agency for P.O.S
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What can we do for you?

Your welcome over to talk about what we can do for you – whether you are looking for merchandise, profile clothing or something completely different

Why choose us?

At ZO24 we will create the products you would like. It is all about you and your needs.

We always set the bar a little higher. We think that is the right attitude, so you only get the very best for your company.

Who are we?

At ZO24, we love experiences, and we have lots of them. But we love one thing even more: We love to rethink the way we experience clothing, merchandise and promote.

That’s why we never deliver a standard product, but a product developed for exactly your needs.

100% Private label

Because your brand is more important than anything else

Do you have your company name in the neck of your clothes? If not, we’ll fix it. With Private Label, you are the designer behind your company clothes – and you do not have to share your brand with other companies. It gives your employees a sense of belonging to your company, and you will get it at a good price.

B2B Webshop

Get your own personal webshop with private label products

Merchandise – Profil clothing – Point of Sale – Promotion

See our catalog

In our catalog you can see some of the products we make.

These products are for inspiration, because there are no limits to what we can produce for you.

You are always welcome to send us an inquiry so we can make some unique products for you.

B2B Webshop

A personalised webshop

B2B Webshop

A personolized webshop


Design your own teamwear

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