We think a little crooked and out of the box
– that is just the kind of people we are


Develop. Need. Attitude.

Develop. Need. Attitude or Develop needs attitude is for me the essence of setting the bar higher – every time. I do not believe that we can create a new world within our industry without putting you first, and without developing with attitude. That’s why we do what we do. Claus Vesterby, founder of ZO24 ApS.

DNA. Three small letters, but with significant meaning. ZO24 is created by, and with a great passion for you and your company’s visibility, but also for idea development and innovation. All this added a suitable amount of attitude, which means, you always get the best solution. With us, we always set the bar a little higher. This is our approach to life and the attitude we believe all people should have.

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Statement: In my world, if you don’t wanna move forward, you can stay in bed. Then you just become like the others. Claus Vesterby, founder of ZO24 ApS.

At ZO24, we love experiences, and we have lots of them. But there is one thing we love even more: We love to rethink the way we experience clothing, merchandise and promotion. That is why we never deliver a standard product, but a product developed for exactly your needs. We live and breathe to turn everything upside down so you get a differentiated product that meets the requirements you have. This applies to both quality and price, but also to the visibility you want to achieve. There is nothing “as usual” in this company – that is how we started our entire journey, and this is still the case today in ZO24. 


We love to see your needs before you do it yourself – not the needs you as a customer had 10 years ago, but the needs you will get tomorrow. Morten Bækgaard, Founder of ZO24 ApS

ZO24 started with one significant thing in mind: The market needed a player who not only sold T-shirts, but a player who also sold t-shirts with an eye for the customer’s need. The whole business today is based on you and your needs – and not on us and our products. We have lots of ideas and products, but we much rather create and customize them for you, than to stop by with a dusty catalog. We are happy to take the extra steps to ensure you the very best solution – and we do it every time. That is why we always ask our new customers: What do we need to do, to make you choose us.  


Sometimes when I meet a new customer I think; Maybe I should have put on the long-sleeved shirt today. But that is not our identity, here we are allowed to wear a cap and stand out – it applies to everything we do. Morten Bækgaard founder of ZO24 ApS.

We always set the bar higher in ZO24. It is a goal in itself. We want to be the best in the world – but we want to do it in a proper way and with a cool attitude. That’s why we always say things straight out, and never sell more than you need. Who cares to have a half-full stock when the year is over if one could have bought half? We believe that way of thinking is a proper way of doing business, both for you, us and the whole society. Then it doesn’t matter that we think a little crooked and think out of the box – that is just the kind of people we are. Claus and Morten – and the team behind.

We listen to you and your needs

Good service and good relationships means far more than a sale in our world. It may sound crazy, but everybody can sell a product, but if it doesn’t create value or joy, then it makes no sense.

At ZO24 we don’t work in boxes. We draw the lines ourselves every time – and we do it in corporation with you. You can have it as you would like, and you don’t need to take a standard product if it doesn’t suit you.

We always give a
cup of proper coffee

We believe in relationships and the values that lie in behaving properly and with respect for others. That’s our attitude. We need to develop all the time, we have to learn and think new, so you can get the best product at the best price. Our customers are not just customers, they are partners, we always have coffee ready for you – and we always invite you inside.

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B2B Webshop

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