ZO24 is created by and with passion for you and your companys visibility

A picture of the team from zo24 working

The Team behind ZO24

We know that the road to the goal is rarely straight, but it is our goal that it is for you! We are happy to zigzag for you, so we can offer you the best solution that suits you.

That is why we also manage your stock, if you would like, so all you have to do is just to order online on your custom made webshop for your business. A pair of new work pants is just a click away – and don’t worry, you don’t have to order 100 pcs. a time. You just order what you need.

This sums up to, we are open 24 hours a day, and we will work the long road through the “Z” – for you it is just to push the button when you need it.




Morten Bækgaard Sales Director at ZO24

Morten Bækgaard

Sales Director

+45 2093 2197

The man who alwayd take the extra step for you.The head behind the webshop. He sees your needs before you do. Morten is never satisfied until you are.

Claus Vester Marketing Director at ZO24

Claus Vesterby

Marketing Director

+45 2037 3707

Is that kind of person who doesn’t know the inside of a box – as he always work outside of it. Impulsive, driven by ideas and loves good relationships. Everything he does, he does it in a proper way – both for you and for society. That’s Claus’ attitude.

Bjarne Jørgensen CEO at ZO24

Bjarne Jørgensen



The company’s experienced and structured businessman, making sure to build the company right.

Fie Degn Backoffice at ZO24

Fie Degn

Coordinator & Backoffice


Without Fie, no ZO24. The woman who grabs the tasks the three co-founders throw into the air. And that is a clear achievement in itself.

Morten Thuesen Head of Product Operation at ZO24

Morten Thuesen

Head of Product Operation

+45 5363 8430

The man who makes sure you get the best quality at the best prices – and then he is Mr. Fairness himself. When Thuesen has made a deal, you know you’re getting the best. 

Isak Hejnesen Graphics & IT Manager at ZO24

Isak Hejnesen

Graphics & IT Manager


Isak has put his touch on everything you see when you visit ZO24.dk. He is the mastermind behind ZO24’s graphic expression – from idea to action.

Michelle Vesterby Relationship Manager at ZO24

Michelle Vesterby

Relationship Manager


The woman who has completed countless triathlon events and ironman distances. Also called The Iron Woman on her TV2 broadcast. We can only be happy to have her on the team.

Michelle Vesterby Relationship Manager at ZO24

Jytte Daubjerg


This is Jytte. Jytte is a good gathering place for ZO24’s staff. She makes a little of everything and is our very own octopus.

Michelle Vesterby Relationship Manager at ZO24


Office dog

Bertam lights up the whole office on a daily basis, with his positivity and joy. He is also therefore one of our most important, and everyone’s favorite colleague.

B2B Webshop

Get your own personal webshop with private label products.

Merchandise – Profil clothing – Point of Sale – Promotion

B2B Webshop

A personolized webshop


Design your own teamwear

B2B Webshop

A personolized webshop


Design your own teamwear

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